Even if You Are a Total Beginner

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All the different types of writing you can do for a brand.
And what’s the best and quickest way to start writing for your favourite brands.

How to write a blog post that ranks in Google’s Top 10.
We talk about best SEO techniques, blog post ideas, content and formats, writing headlines and sourcing photos.


The best ways you can start building a strong portfolio even if you haven’t published anything yet.  
We talk about guest-posting (one of the ways) and I give you your own cheat sheet with 26 guest posting sites & their guidelines so that you can start building your writing portfolio right away.


Free and inexpensive ways to build your first writer’s website.
We talk about all the elements you need to build a strong writer’s website that attracts clients.

The three types of contacts that you need to succeed as a freelance writer.
Plus, I share my best tips for finding writing work on Twitter!

And Just Who Am I? 

Well, hello! My name is Natali, thank you for asking 😊 

Eight years ago, I made the best decision in my life. I ditched my boring 9 to 5 and have been travelling around the world ever since with a laptop in hand. I’ve written content for several international brands, agencies, websites, print publications and naturally in-flight magazines (my favourite reading pastime on that super long-haul flight…)  

I love showing new writers that it’s possible to make a good living writing, without: a) having to work at humiliating rates for bidding sites or b) doing soul-crushing, repetitive work with no sense of achievement.

If you’ve been longing to break into freelance writing, there is a better way to do this!

Let me show you how.  

                 Natali Lekka 

  Location independent & loving it!

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